Lovebomb (noun): tiny nugget of grace delivered to your inbox every weekday

“I am officially obsessed with the brilliant goodness of the Daily Lovebombs! It’s crazy how soothing, loving and inspired these messages are. ”

Teofana Grecea

“You really are channeling powerful stuff happening to all of us – a pure vessel in the midst of a lot of complexity and often confusion, you go to the trouble of becoming clear in yourself to communicate what wants (and needs) to be said! THANK YOU!”

Christiana Söderberg

“I have such an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards you and the daily lovebombs. They somehow speak to exactly what I need. Thank you.”

Roya Murphy

“Your words flow, I can touch them.”

Andrew Klepinine

“Steph‘s writing opens you up. To yourself, your heart, your inner creative fire and truth. It is a radical experience and it is pure love.”

Julie Le Carrer

“The way the Daily Lovebomb finds its way straight to the purest part of my heart, where my own inner truth about my life journey lives leaves me speechless. Very still. And just breathing with grace. With that feeling of being seen and met on the soul level, day by day. Thank you so much.”

Šárka Martínková

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